La Garriga, stage modernism

"Montseny's good airs and thermalism that attracted the bourgeoisie of the 19th century, allow us to enjoy the art and architecture of the modernist and noucentista towers"

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Itineraries and heritage
Dues noies fent senderisme
Hiking and nature



The caravan area is reopened

The opening will allow overnight stays, with a maximum of 48 hours, the discharge of dirty water and the use of the water point.

We have released the programming for the third quarter

It highlights a program designed for summer with activities that take place from seven in the afternoon.

You can now consult and sign up for the activities planned by the Garriga Visitor Centre.

Roads ready to prevent fires

In the months before summer, work is done on the cleaning and arrangement of the Garriga forest land in order to avoid fires.

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