Corpus Christi



Corpus Christi is one of the most popular festivals in La Garriga, where people of all ages and organizations of all kinds take part. This is a celebration which combines religious, cultural and popular elements and is hoping soon to be declared a ‘Traditional celebration of national interest’ by the Generalitat (the Catalan Government).

The festival’s most striking feature is the carpets which line the streets, all made of natural elements such as flowers, particularly carnations and Spanish broom, but also earth and rice shell. Various organizations, schools and local communities collaborate in the making of these floral rugs, along with anyone else who wishes to participate.

The celebration is completed by various exhibitions, the ‘shop window competition’ and the ‘poster competition’.  In addition, during the whole of Corpus Christi Day, guided tours of all of La Garriga’s main attractions are on offer.

The Corpus Christi events begin ten days before the day itself. You can find the programme of events on the festival web page.