La Garriga is situated at the far end of the Vallès plane, on the banks of the River Congost towards the comarca of Osona, framed by the Puiggraciós mountain and the Cingles de Bertí on one side and the Montseny mountains on the other. The landscape takes three very different forms: the irregular, undulating area to the north, the central part which marks the transition between the rugged north and the flatter south, and finally the southern part which is very typical of the Vallès with a gentle relief ideal for walking.

There are therefore a great many options for exploring, hiking and mountain biking through the natural surroundings of La Garriga. We particularly recommend five routes, well signposted and suitable for all tastes.

In addition, we recommend the Petit Recorregut Garrigguenc (“The little La Garriga tour”) to all those who are fond of an entire day’s walking, plus a couple of long mountain bike trails.


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