The railway station air raid shelter



Situated right next to the railway station, the station air raid shelter is the first shelter in Catalonia to become a museum. It is an exceptionally well preserved shelter, dug directly into the granite rock and contains more than 110 metres of passageways.

The shelter was built by the people of La Garriga in 1938, under the orders of the local Junta de Defensa Passiva (‘Passive Defence Board’) and served to protect the town from airstrikes, especially when it was mortally struck by Francoist bombs on 29th January 1939.

The anxiety and absurdity of war were the main themes underpinning the restoration of the station air raid shelter. Through the information panels, the audio commentary and themagnificent audiovisual resources on display you can learn about how the conflict unfolded in Catalonia, particularly in La Garriga, as well as the daily life of the Republican rearguard, the devastation caused by the Francoist airstrikes and the manoeuvres undertaken by the rearguard to protect the population.

Walking route

The refuge forms part of the Patrimoni i Memòria (‘Heritage and Memory’) walking route, and is open to visitors every second Saturday in the month. For more information, click here.

You can view the route here: “Patrimoni I memòria” (“Heritage and Memory”)


Video of La Garriga’s Historical Documentation Centre (CDH): Aviació i guerra a la Garriga; el camp d'aviació de Rosanes i el bombardeig (“Aviation and war in La Garriga: Rosanes airfield and the bombing raids)

More information

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