Descriptive plaques for La Garriga's heritage

Descriptive plaques for La Garriga's heritage


The places and points of interest of La Garriga’s heritage are marked by plaques and signs. In places where the contents of these plaques are solely in Catalan we have embedded a QR code so that anyone wishing to translate these into other languages can do so easily.

In this section you will find the contents of these plaques. This is a great way to get to know what La Garriga has to offer in more detail.

The Visitor Centre

Marked as: El Centre de Visitants

El Passeig

Marked as: El Passeig de La Garriga

Illa Raspall (‘Raspall Island’)

Marked as: L’illa Raspall

Rural La Garriga

Marked as: Garriga rural

El rec Monar (‘the Monar sluice’)

Marked as: Itinerari del rec Monar

La Garriga secreta (‘Secret La Garriga’)

Marked as: Secret Garriga

Els passatges de secà (the drylands)

Marked as: Drylands la Garriga

La Doma

Marked as: La Doma

Plaça de can Dachs

Marked as: Plaça de can Dachs

Plaça de l’Església

Marked as: la Plaça de l’Església

Plaça de Sant Isabel

Marked as: la Plaça de Santa Isabel

Refugi antiaeri de l’estació (the railway station air raid shelter)

Marked as: el Refugi antiaeri de l’estació


Marked as: el casal de Rosanes romana de can Terrers

Marked as: la romana de can Terrers

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