The "Tremolencs" Walking Route


Time: 3 hours approx
Duration: 8 km
Difference between lowest and highest point: 200m
Difficulty: Moderate
Route suitable for cycling


In one single area, the Tremolencs valley, we can observe several different plant communities together with the changes brought about by human activity over the centuries in the space of one medium-length trail.

The trail begins at the Parc des Pinetons and heads in the direction of the Tremolencs valley. It rises gently from the bottom of the valley and stops the foot of the Puiggraciós mountain ridge which marks the far end.

Can Sunyer and Can Boget are remarkable for their situation and their isolation. A little further on you can stop and take refreshment at the Tremolencs fountain and then continue back along the path, which descends through the hillside vineyards that reach down to the La Doma stream. This point is known as La Tallada (‘the cut’) and affords a picturesque view of La Garriga. You eventually come out at Can Noguera in order to return to the Visitor Centre. 

Map of the walking route


Download the brochure Hiking in La Garriga with the itinerary below.

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