Summer Resort and Spa (Raspall Route)



La Garriga embodies Modernism. But by admiring and enjoying La Garriga’s fine examples of Modernism we can learn a whole lot more!

La Garriga’s heritage and modern-day structure are defined by its former role as a summer resort. The mass arrival of estiuejants (summer visitors) marked a drastic change in the town’s urban landscape and also in its social make-up. Traces of the townscape and architecture from these years can still be found all over the town.

Art and nature both contributed to the summer-resort architecture of the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th. Eclectic Modernist and Noucentista buildings pave the way, providing an insight into bourgeois life a century ago.

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Programming guided tours

Garriga modernist guided the second Saturday of the month, at 10am from Raspall can itineraries are organized:

- Guided Itinerary: "Vila thermal and Summer" (Route Raspall)

- Itinerary guided "Modernism Popular"

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