Secret La Garriga


La Garriga is a town which has lived from and for agriculture for many centuries. Over hundreds of years, the pace and the needs of agricultural work and life have conditioned how the landscape, townscape and Garriguenca society have changed.

However, in La Garriga, agriculture and the centuries-old rural society built around it have all but disappeared without trace.

Through the 3 walking routes – through irrigated arable land, drylands and the urban centre – you will discover various paths, nooks and crannies and secret tales to take you back to the rural life of yesteryear.


La Garriga revealed through secrets hidden from our eyes!

Only 150 years ago, La Garriga was a very different town to now. It had a small, concentrated urban area with enough work to support a population of around 1000. The houses stretched along the royal road, currently the main thoroughfare.

Yet outside of the town, the local Garriguenc landscape was a completely different world. On the plain on which we are currently standing, where nowadays you can find houses and industrial estates, there were farming areas and drylands. The mountain slopes today covered by woodland were lined with olive groves and, above all, vines.

The impact of this landscape was so great that for many centuries it shaped the construction of the streets and houses in La Garriga. Some of these have survived hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the town.

Would you like to come with us and seek them out?

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