Rural La Garriga: Drylands


La Garriga is a town which has lived from and for agriculture for many centuries. Over hundreds of years, the pace and the needs of agricultural work and life have conditioned how the landscape, townscape and Garriguenca society have changed.

However, in La Garriga, agriculture and the centuries-old rural society built around it have all but disappeared without trace.

Through the 3 walking routes – through irrigated arable land, drylands and the urban centre – you will discover various paths, nooks and crannies and secret tales to take you back to the rural life of yesteryear.


The drylands of La Garriga are a mosaic of landscapes rich in its diversity

La Garriga used to have one of the largest irrigated arable areas in the whole comarca (county). Following the course of the River Congost, the landscape was green almost all the year round.

Yet if we had been able to have a bird’s eye view of La Garriga we would certainly have noticed something about the Congost and its green banks reminiscent of the Nile if we were to look at a photo of Egypt: much of La Garriga was yellowy brown. This is because La Garriga is, first and foremost a dryland area. Most of the foodstuffs produced in our area, such as flour, oil and wine, have always traditionally come from dryland areas.

If we had continued our bird’s eye view we would have seen that the landscape was not entirely like this, and that between the yellows and browns there was some green, and even blue. The sun-dried fields buzzed with more activity than any other part of the village.

Do not you want to discover all this wealth?

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