El Passeig


el passeig

The most momentous urban, social and economic changes in the history of La Garriga all centre around El Passeig.

At the end of the 19th century the town became a magnet for the Barcelona bourgeoisie, who saw it as a quiet and pleasant place to spend the summer. This great example of a summer resort, full of splendid bourgeois houses, has its epicentre in El Passeig.

Begun in 1878 and stretching more than a kilometre, El  Passeig is the ideal place even today to take a gentle stroll around and sink back into the sedate and luxurious world of the bourgeoisie of 100 years ago. At the same time it is an excellent example of the transformation of former rural land into new urbanized areas which responded to different social and economic needs.

Walking routes:

Two of the designated walking routes pass through El Passeig:

You can view the “Vil•la termal i d’estiueig” (“Summer resort and spa”) route here
You can view the “Patrimoni I memòria” (“Heritage and Memory”) route here