From Ancient Times to the Middle Ages


la doma

This walking tour allows you to take a brief tour through the ancient and medieval parts of La Garriga, explaining how our lands have been occupied and exploited over the centuries.

Human occupation of the northern area of the Vallès has been documented for at least 10,000 years, but it is particularly since the Iberian era that material remains have been more in evidence. Starting from the Iberian period, four or five centuries before Christ, passing through the substantial Roman influence to the Medieval houses and their evolution up to the present day, we can trace the changes that the local area has undergone.

Through the architecture and places that remain to this day but which have often gone unnoticed, we can appreciate and savour the value of the old town’s heritage.

Medieval houses, the royal road, chapels, churches and squares... the best examples of great architecture from centuries gone by which can be seen by taking a short tour around the old town.

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